When we choose to think more positively, we make room for growth. Yes! Life does get tough at times, and we could even allow it to stop us from moving forward. We most certainly are not doomed to failure. We have the choices of changing our course or beginning again.
As we live our lives, we need to understand that we are in charge of our own lives and our own destiny by managing our minds and our hearts. In order to grow, we must approach life with optimism, realizing that we hold in our hands the power to make it better by practicing the God-given power of positive thinking.

The Power of Positive Thinking

It is no easy matter for us to become truly optimistic and therefore become positive thinkers. But once we realize that past failures are a wonderful platform on which to build, we can be on our way to success with its feeling of happiness and satisfaction, knowing that we can accomplish great things.

Admittedly, it is difficult to keep a positive mindset during the most trying moments in life. We must keep the faith, and doggedly choose not to let trials overpower us. God has put in each of us the ability to overcome any trial He puts us through. Those trials are meant to make us stronger, even as the stress of lifting weights makes a weightlifter stronger. By thinking and acting positively in these situations, we come to realize that every capacity needed to overcome life’s trials is already built in us.

How Can One Become a Positive Thinker?

Embracing our inner capacity for optimism in life is not a thing that will occur overnight. Our inner strength and courage will be sternly tested by life’s ordeals, but with each victory, the light will slowly dawn that we have the capacity to overcome or work around every hindrance.

Listed below are a few suggestions to aid in one’s effort to become a positive thinker:

(1) Negative Self-Talk Will Get One Nowhere

Perhaps the biggest factor that prevents a person from thinking positively is an innate tendency of negative self-talk. Telling oneself that he/she is worthless and cannot do anything well will certainly not create an atmosphere for positive thinking. One must be realistic about his/her performance and look for ways to improve.

(2) Savor Every Success

Too often, we let the good moments pass without fanfare when they should be properly celebrated. The Bible tells us of a woman who called her friends to come and celebrate the simple finding of a lost coin. Whether or not you call friends to join you, celebrate these times with a grateful heart.

(3) Practice Thankfulness

Many things in this life give us cause for anxiety, anger or tears. That gives us even more reason for us to practice gratitude when things go well. Gratitude is actually a form of positive thinking and will fill our lives with joy when it is practiced consistently. We must never fail to express a heartfelt “thank you.”

We must let those who are important to us know that we are thankful to have them, and remind ourselves that we are blessed by having them in our lives. The better we become at being thankful for the blessings in our lives, the more we understand that life is worth living.

(4) Positive Thinking Must Be a Continuous Effort

Even as positive thinking and optimism in life can be developed, it can also be lost if one fails to continue to pursue it. Each of us has seen someone who seemed to be quite successful in life but winds up a bitter recluse near life’s end. Losing a positive sense of gratitude is the most frequent cause for this problem and must constantly be guarded against.

(5) Positive Thinking Is Rarely Achieved in Solitude

Scholars often state that no man is an island unto himself. This is also true with positive thinking. When one looks at the men who are more successful in life, they will most often find them surrounded by like-minded positive thinkers. Look for the opportunity to surround yourself with the men and women who have this quality

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