A better life may vary in any person’s perception. A farmer may feel he has everything going fine, as he works, and for him to gather in the harvest and feed his family is a better life. He is contented. There may be a rich businessman who is never satisfied with his wealth and possessions and accumulates more and more successes. That is a better life for him. Whether you are rich or poor, to have a better life depends on how you view life.
We may try some ideas to strive for a better life.
Know who, what and where you want to be. Be inspired with a goal or a passion and work at it with determination and enthusiasm. Once your desires are fulfilled, you can stay happy with the kind of life you have chosen.
Build yourself up. When you are prone to feeling inferior, enhance your innate skills to build up your self-esteem. Be the best you can be at what you do, and use that to achieve success.
Educate yourself. Where you are lacking in direction, acquire knowledge. Be guided in your undertaking with a certain attitude of dependence on God, since to have a holy fear of Him is the beginning of wisdom. If you have knowledge and wisdom, you will have honor and riches, as the Scriptures revealed. God will show you the right way to a better life.
Love yourself. If it happens that you are scarred from a past experience, let go of the past but learn from it and move forward with a new resolve to forgive yourself and love yourself. Loving yourself does not mean egotistically but selflessly. You can begin to understand others more clearly. You will experience peace which is the key to a better life.
Change for the better. You know best your weaknesses and your prejudices. Learn to give up your bad habits and change your attitude. From being a faultfinder, become appreciative of others. They may have qualities worth the attention. From being easily upset, exercise patience. From being arrogant, be meek and humble.
Practice observing silence. Always find the time to be in solitude, to draw away from the crowd, to be attuned to the stillness of your soul. This is a stress-free exercise which is healthy to the mind, body, and soul.
Be physically fit. Keep yourself healthy by eating the right diet and have an exercise regimen to keep fit. Indulge in healthy recreations.
Discover a hobby. You may want to go into painting, writing, or a host of other hobbies. Whatever interests you, make it a hobby and discover yourself more in those areas. A hobby can be pleasurable and lucrative at the same time.
Have a gadget-free day. As in observing silence, you may want to dissociate yourself from being glued to the TV, computer or any gadget. Read books, cook or go out hiking.
Reach out to others. Be happy socializing with friends, but you can be happier in reaching out to others in some philanthropic work.
Life is like a symphony! You compose and construct it. Yes, life is like a symphony. Now, how will you conduct it?

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