In Matthew 17:14–20, Jesus Christ said that if we have faith as small as a mustard seed, we can do great things, such as moving a mountain from here to where we want it. With faith all things are possible. If we hold on to our faith despite persecutions, in spite of all odds, even if it takes the giving up of our lives, then we can rise victorious. Persevering in faith amidst incredulity requires the grace of God. Persevering in faith is not automatic when life brings so many problems and temptations. In these times, we have to strive to keep the faith.
If we persevere and trust that God will help us in dire situations, we will have the answers we seek. We need to acknowledge that we are nothing before God and that we need Him to make things work for us. Work with all we are able and God will help us with the rest. He has promised never to give us a trial more than we can stand.
Faith is God’s gift. If we have even the tiniest faith, God can work great things for us, in us and through us. If we believe that Jesus is the Son of God, repent from our sin and accept His great gift of grace, we receive salvation. God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to save the human race from the punishment for sin and to fulfill His promise of everlasting life. Jesus Christ exhorts us to receive salvation, follow Him, and share the grace with others.
Receiving this gift requires faith but brings great joy. As followers of Jesus, we become what we receive. We receive Jesus and His teachings. Then we attempt to follow His example and teachings, thereby showing Him to others. We take up our own crosses in life and persevere in joy until death, even in the pains and burdens of life.
God credited righteousness to Abraham for his faith that God would make him a great nation. Indeed, God made Abraham and his descendants His chosen people, not in an instant, but through a lot of journeys of suffering, persecution, conflicts, sinfulness, and victories. Through all their journeys God was with them, directing them, protecting them, providing for them and winning battles for them until they occupied the Promised Land.
To persevere in faith will not prevent all problems in life, nor should it eliminate great joy from our lives. To persevere in faith will bring great joy and reward in the end.

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