Webster’s dictionary describes liberty as “the quality or state of being free:” Free to do as one pleases without physical restraint. The blessings and extent of liberty are strictly founded on the person or authority that grants it.

In our society, when we think of liberty we may attribute it to political freedom. Our forefathers secured this freedom for us by their courage, wisdom, and unbelievable sacrifice, sometimes at the sacrifice of their own lives for the good of the people. The blessings of true freedom may be peace, prosperity, freedom of expression and practice of religion, and equality. When there is tyranny, the wages are usually discord, poverty for the masses, oppression and suppression of freedom of expression and religion.

To keep a nation at liberty, citizens must be constant crusaders for freedom. They must be vigilant that government and people work together for the general good. By all citizens being dutiful in paying taxes, abiding by the law and doing helpful acts for the country will societies live happy and free. By taking no more power than that granted by the people, government will protect that liberty.

A country that obeys God’s laws and trusts Him can expect the blessings of freedom and justice because God will give the people the desires of their hearts. If governments honor the God-given rights of every individual citizen, then it will become an instrument of liberty and justice. The legacies of the founders should be kept for posterity.

From a spiritual perspective, God gave us free will. We have the power to act without restraint and the ability to use our own discretion. If we choose to use it for good, the blessings God promised are immeasurable.

We are free to decide for ourselves what path in life to follow. However, because of our limited knowledge as human beings and our selfishness, we tend to often do what is not good or acceptable and serve our self-interests. The consequences of corruption and greed are often downfall, dishonor, and poverty. The end result of espousing wisdom and the principles of justice and doing the things that please God may well be long life, honor, and wealth.

God’s freedom makes us truly free. Following Jesus Christ who is the Way, the Truth and the Life leads to true liberty. He said that the “truth will set us free”. Only true spiritual freedom is everlasting. To be forgiven of sin is to be free. Sin oppresses and results in spiritual death. When we are set free by our confession and repentance and abide in God’s words, we are in communion with Christ. We do not remain slaves to sin when we break free from sinfulness but are restored in friendship with God. We enjoy the fullness of life and all the privileges that sons have through Jesus Christ. Having Christ is to gain everlasting life.

Truth frees us but ignorance enslaves us. It is fitting for us to know the Truth and be free from spiritual ignorance about the living God and Jesus Christ who is the Truth. When we follow He who is Truth, we enjoy the many blessings He has in store for us.

We secure our spiritual freedom, our salvation, by claiming the grace offered by God . We lay up heavenly reward when we work with perseverance until we come to God’s kingdom.

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