A Simple Seller of noodles

A Simple Seller


a memoir


Doc does a tremendous job capturing important details to share a story of brutality and love, terror and peace, and a consistent faith through it all. The story of SamSan is at once heartbreaking, inspiring, and a warning of the ever present potential for evil among men. A society can change from bustling cities and peaceful rice paddies, to killing fields in a matter of hours. Communism always destroys; those with genuine Christian faith always persevere. Sadly, we need to remember the same brutality could happen here in America. We are not immune. Our current path is leading away from the foundations and blessings of liberty, which leaves us vulnerable to the very same atrocities, right here in the home of the brave and land of the free.

Full Book synopsis/summary:

A Simple Seller of Noodles unveils the gripping story of SamSan, an illegitimate child of a Vietnamese peasant who rose from near infanticide to become a guide for the Royal family’s tourist service, and best friends to the nephew of Prince Sihanouk, as well a highly sought after interpreter for the Cambodian military. It also records his fall from favor and ensuing imprisonment; his dramatic, but unintentional, rescue by the Khmer Rouge, only to be caught up in Pol Pot’s “death march”; his family fracture and sadistic serfdom under Khmer rouge rule; and his almost impossible journey to freedom in Thailand, and later in the United States.

An almost unbelievable but true story, A Simple Seller of Noodles also contains murder, war heroism, drug smuggling, a love triangle, a lost child, and multiple near-death experiences. How SamSan and his fellow refugees came to live in Winder, Georgia, is an intriguing story within itself.

Over a period of twenty-five years, C. B. Skelton collected first-hand accounts from SamSan and compiled them into the amazing true story. SamSan’s frantic search for his lost son and his recognition of God’s hand in his many escapes from death will forever change the way you view the world and those around you.


1. “If he is still alive, my oldest son would be about six years old now, and he must surely think I have deserted him,” said SamSan.


2. The woman’s eyes searched every inch of their cart. When she saw no evidence of a baby or any other things you need to care for baby, she demanded, “If you are moving to Thailand, then where is your baby?”


3. SamSan sat in his dank, drab prison cell a few days later, still dazed from his harrowing experience in the helicopter. He felt confused and completely exhausted as he shivered from both the cold and great fear.

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