What is this old world coming to
as it persists in changing?
What is a man supposed to do
with all this rearranging?

Who used to be our enemy
has now become our friend.
Who once was broke as he could be
has money now to lend.

What once was taught as absolute
has now become passe;
and the old-fashioned middle route
is called right-wing today.

The virtues — truth and verity —
are long since left behind.
“A handshake is good enough for me!”
Don’t let it enter your mind!

Even as the world has changed,
perhaps, I have changed some, too;
Accepting things that once seemed strange
as the proper way to do.

My goals in life remain the same
and the road is straight and narrow.
To reach those goals without cause for shame,
one must shoot straight as an arrow.

I think the proper thing to do
in life until you’re dead
is, find a path that is right for you,
and march right on ahead.
© 1996, cbs

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