A Simple Seller of noodles

A Simple Seller


a memoir

How SamSan and his fellow refugees came to live in the small town of Winder, Georgia, is an intriguing story in itself. Nothing that compared to that group’s coming to the area had ever happened in our small town. When C.B. Skelton volunteered his church to sponsor a refugee family from Cambodia, he was hoping to have the opportunity to change lives. What he didn’t know was that it was his own life that would be changed forever.


When I met Doc a few years ago he told me about this book when I presented him a copy of my own book, “Image in the Mirror”. He sent me the script the next day via email. I couldn’t stop reading! It is such a moving experience that Doc so easily put into writing for all of us to enjoy the true story of what happened to SamSan and his family. I have said all along that it needs to be made into a movie while Doc and SamSan are still living! I keep trying to make that connection with someone who will take time to read it… with the possibility of it becoming a movie.

CB Skelton

Dr. C B Skelton

About the Author

C. B. Skelton is an avowed Christian octogenarian and World War II veteran whose family practice bridged the “house call” to “modern” eras. He began public writing in 1994 with a weekly column, Random Rants In Rhyme. His two self-published books, Dirty Laundry Don’t Take No Doctor’s Orders (mostly funny stories from his medical practice) and Fil-osophy / Phool-osophy (a compilation of his better rhymes) have been popular locally.


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